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Access To Justice In Environmental Matters In The Eu

RRP $866.99

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Access to justice in environmental matters has been a topic for increasing legal discourse and law-making in international, European Community (EC) and national arenas. The 1998 Aarhus Convention provides new norms of international law, inspired by the 1992 Rio Declaration. EC law on access to justice is being drafted and changes can be observed in the laws of the European Union (EU) members states.

This timely book presents the state-of-the-art of access to justice in environmental matters in the European Union. It provides a thematic and comparative introduction of the topic, followed by thorough descriptions of EC law and the law of each EU member state.

The chapters are written in English or French with a summary in the other language.

L'accandegrave;s andegrave; la justice en matiandegrave;re d'environnement a fait l'objet de plus en plus de dandeacute;bats juridiques et de dandeacute;veloppements l'andeacute;gislatifs en droit international, communautaire et national. La Convention d'Aarhus de 1998 dandeacute;finit de nouvelles normes de droit international, faisant suite andagrave; la Dandeacute;claration de Rio de 1992. Le droit communautaire en matiandegrave;re d'accandegrave;s andagrave; la justice est en voie d'andeacute;laboration et dandeacute;jandagrave; des changements peuvent andecirc;tre observandeacute;s dans les lois nationales des andEacute;tats membres de l'Union europandeacute;enne.

Cet ouvrage, qui arrive en temps opportun, prandeacute;sente l'andeacute;tat actuel de l'accandegrave;s andagrave; la justice en matiandegrave;re d'environnement dans l'Union europandeacute;anne. Une introduction thandeacute;matique et comparative du sujet est suivie par une description approfondie du droit communautaire et du droit national de chaque andEacute;tat membre de l'Union europandeacute;enne.

Les chapitres sont randeacute;digandeacute;s soit en franandccedil;ais soit en anglais, accompagnandeacute;s respectivement d'un randeacute;sumandeacute; dans l'autre langue.

Gender Matters In Global Politics

RRP $302.99

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Fully revised and updated, this second edition of Gender Matters in Global Politics is a comprehensive textbook for advanced undergraduates studying feminism & international relations, gender and global politics and similar courses. It provides students with an accessible but in-depth account of the most significant theories, methodologies, debates and issues.

This textbook is written by an international line-up of established and emerging scholars from a range of theoretical perspectives, and brings together cutting-edge feminist scholarship in a variety of issue areas.

Key features and benefits of the book:

  • Introduces students to the wide variety of feminist and gender theory and explains the relevance to contemporary global politics
  • Explains the insights of feminist theory for a range of other disciplines including international relations, international political economy and security studies
  • Addresses a large number of key contemporary issues such as human rights, trafficking, rape as a tool of war, peacekeeping and state-building, terrorism and environmental politics
  • Features detailed pedagogical tools and resources - seminar exercises, text boxes, photographs, suggestions for further reading, web resources and a glossary of key terms
  • New chapters on - Environmental politics and ecology; War; Terrorism and political violence; Land, food and water; International legal institutions; Peacebuilding institutions and post-conflict reconstruction; Citizenship; Art, aesthetics and emotionality; and New social media and global resistance.
    • This text enables students to develop a sophisticated understanding of the work that gender does in policies and practices of global politics.

What Jesus Taught And Why It Matters

RRP $56.99

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Do Jesus and His Gospel really matter? Looking at Christianity today, 2000 years later, one wonders whether what He shared with the world was quickly smothered by Old Testament legalism, Zoroastrian fantasies, Greek philosophical speculations, and Germanic folk traditions. Most Christians seem to think that their religion is about "going to heaven," eternal life after death, someone "paying the price" for our sins (to either God or the devil - an issue still not resolved). If Christianity is not first and foremost about His Words of Eternal Life, about the Gospel He preached, but rather about pre-, and preter-Christian ideologies, it has no right to call itself Christian. This book is about Jesus, and Jesus alone. No one should have laid another foundation except with His words being the cornerstone of all we are and do.

The 2015 Legal Assistant S Complete Desk Reference

RRP $549.99

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Paralegals and legal assistants need a thorough guide to all the rules and regulations dictating their job performance, as well as a repository of the many forms they see every day. The revised and updated 2015 Legal Assistant s Complete Desk Reference explores these myriad responsibilities and types of paperwork in six easy-to-use sections: PART I: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A LEGAL ASSISTANT PART II: COURT SYSTEMS AND PROCEDURES PART III: PREPARING LEGAL INSTRUMENTS, DOCUMENTS AND COURT FILINGS PART IV: LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING PART V: TRIAL PREPARATION PART VI: AREAS OF PRACTICE This is a complete guide to the rules and regulations guiding paralegals and legal assistants, as well as the many different types of forms they are responsible for each day. This comprehensive handbook also explores the career opportunities open to paralegals and legal assistants, as well as some common areas of legal practice and what they entail. With a CD of writable sample forms and letters, a state-by-state resource guide, a glossary of common legal terms, and a thorough index, this is the guide you need to efficiently complete all your many duties. This updated edition contains new forms and additional samples."

Writing Matters

RRP $263.99

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Writing Matters unites research reasoning, documentation, grammar, and style into a cohesive whole, helping students see the conventions of writing as a framework of responsibilities. The responsibilities writers have

- to other writers. Writing Matters clarifies the responsibility writers have to one another - whether they are collaborating in an online peer review or drawing on digital and print resources in a research project - to treat information fairly and accurately and to craft writing that is fresh and original - their own.

- to the audience. Writing Matters stresses the importance of using conventions appropriate to the audience, to write clearly, and to provide readers with the information and interpretation they need to make sense of a topic.

- to the topic. Writing Matters emphasizes the writer's responsibility to explore a topic thoroughly and creatively, to assess sources carefully, and to provide reliable information at a depth that does the topic justice.

- to themselves. Writing Matters encourages writers to take their writing seriously and to approach writing tasks as an opportunity to learn about a topic and to expand their scope as writers. Students are more likely to write well when they think of themselves as writers rather than as error-makers.

By explaining rules in the context of responsibility, Writing Matters addresses composition students respectfully as mature and capable fellow participants in the research and writing process.


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