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Railroad Law A Decade After Deregulation

RRP $256.99

Railroads, our first large corporations, are rapidly adapting to the deregulated climate of the 1990s. As we approach the 21st century, this book tells the story of the changing role of railroads in our economy and how the law has changed to meet the new competitive environment. Topics include abandonment and extension, railway labor law, rail passenger service, short line spinoffs, special problems of railroad employment and parallel deregulatory activity in Canada. The authors deal with the changing railroad environment by describing the rail network of today, which has shrunk in route-miles but is in better shape than at any time since World War II. The changing role of rail employment is discussed, as well as government operation of Amtrak and commuter rail services. What regulation remains with the Interstate Commerce Commission and Federal Railroad Administration is described in detail. Finally, the authors go north of the border to show how Canada is facing rail deregulation and how Canadian railroads are playing a major part in the U.S. transportation scene. The authors close with a look at railroading as we approach the 21st century. Dooley and Thoms have written a comprehensive book for lawyers and rail enthusiasts alike.

A Primer On American Labor Law

RRP $32.99

A Primer on American Labor Law is an accessible guide for nonspecialists and labor lawyers - labor and management representatives, students, and general practice lawyers, and trade unionists, government officials, and academics from other countries. It covers topics such as the National Labor Relations Act, unfair labor practices, the collective bargaining relationship, dispute resolution, the public sector, and public-interest labor law. This updated fifth edition contains extensive new materials covering developments that include the repeal or change in public employee labor law and the development of case law relating to wrongful dismissals and pension reform in the public sector; bankruptcy in both the private and public sector; ADA litigation and 2008 amendments of that statute; new cases on all subjects, but particularly Bush and Obama NLRB decisions, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, and retaliation; and the globalization of labor disputes in labor-management relations in the United States, with particular reference to professional sports disputes and the extraterritoriality of American labor law generally.

Takeover Law In The Eu And The Usa

RRP $463.99

The societal benefits of takeoversandndash;in the form of enhanced competition and productivityandndash;have been well documented. Moreover, many scholars believe that the very possibility of a hostile takeover urges incumbent management to be more productive, thus ultimately enhancing shareholder welfare.

Starting from such premises as these, Dr. Forstinger offers an in-depth comparative analysis of takeover law as it exists in the United States and as it is currently developing in Europe. The latter emphasizes the failed takeover directive of 2001, as its content is already determining new proposals currently in preparation.

Among the salient topics that arise in the course of the discussion are the following:

  • the conflicting interests of the various stakeholders-shareholders, managers, employees, creditors, governments, 'raiders', and others;
  • the state competition question from the U.S. perspective and the prospects of a market for incorporations in the EU;
  • the tension between harmonization and regulatory competition in context with takeover laws; and
  • the focus on current takeover regulation in the UK, Germany and Austria.

    The study concludes with recommendations for reflexive harmonization of takeover law in the European Union responding to the complex needs of the diverse corporate law systems of the member states. All company lawyers and corresponding regulators--especially but not exclusively in Europe--will appreciate the clear scholarship and thought that are apparent in this very current book.

    Local Government Reforms In Countries In Transition

    RRP $246.99

    Local Government Reforms in Countries in Transition explores the impacts that the end of the Cold War and increased globalization have had on government around the world. The decentralization of national governments has led to a greater role for local governments; public administration and democrative representation are the new arena of local governments the world over. Focusing not only on countries from the former Soviet Union, but also on Israel, China, South Africa, and Egypt, the contributors to this volume present a truly global investigation of countries experiencing governmental transformation.

    Competition Law In India

    RRP $542.99

    Although relatively young in terms of its lifespan as a regulator, the Competition Commission of India (established by the Competition Act of 2002 but came into existence in 2009) has been extremely assertive in its enforcement outlook, and competition law in India continues to grow in importance as inward investment increases. This comprehensive, practical guide outlines the highly distinctive manner in which competition law is interpreted in this major global market.

    Highlighting differences from EU practice, the author - a leading Indian competition law practitioner - describes elements of practice and procedures in Indian competition law encompassing the following:

    • the dual regulatory-judicial nature of the Competition Commission;
    • investigatory powers of the Commission's Director General;
    • mandated business conduct policies (e.g., active risk management procedures);
    • availability of sanctions, remedies, and private actions;
    • cartels and leniency programmes;
    • extraterritorial application of the Competition Commission;
    • merger review;
    • pricing and non-pricing abuse;
    • international coordination;
    • appeal process;
    • fines - companies, directors and officers;
    • fines for non-cooperation or furnishing false information; and
    • liability of state-owned enterprises.

    Analysis of numerous leading cases decided by the Indian competition authorities enhances the book's practical value.

    This comprehensive guide provides an incomparable overview of practice in a key jurisdiction that is poised to become increasingly important in the international recognition and enforcement of competition law. As a guide to the 'landscape' of competition law in India, it has no peers. The book will be of inestimable value to professionals in this area of legal practice, whether in law firms, corporations, academia, government or the judiciary, as well as to investors, economists and business executives.


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