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Fraud And Corruption In Public Services

RRP $242.99

Fraud and Corruption in Public Services: A Guide to Risk and Prevention provides public sector practitioners in auditing and financial management with a practical approach to combating and minimizing fraud and corruption. The book directly addresses the implications of fraud and corruption and suggests specific courses of action to be taken to combat such malpractices. The text is illustrated by detailed and realistic case studies, flow charts and control questionnaires, with appendices included for specific high-risk activities such as major contracts, means-tested benefits and financial accounting. Although aimed at public sector organizations, the techniques and situations are applicable to any large organization in either the public or private sector. Wider issues concerning the special responsibilities and problems of the public sector are addressed, including the changes arising from corporate governance and the challenges of ensuring impartiality and accountability within the new public sector environment. Fraud and Corruption in Public Services: A Guide to Risk and Prevention is vital reading for auditors, senior managers, audit committee members and other decision-makers throughout the public sector and in any large organization facing change.

Litigation Services Handbook, Sixth Edition

RRP $24.99

The comprehensive "bible" for financial experts providing litigation support

The Litigation Services Handbook is the definitive guide for financial experts engaged in litigation services. Attorneys require financial experts now more than ever, and this book provides the guidance you need to provide a high level of service as witness and consultant. Enhance your litigation skills as you delve into the fine points of trial preparation, deposition, and testimony; project authority under examination, and hold up to tough questions under cross-examination. Fraud investigations are a major component of litigation support services, and this book delves deep into Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and other relevant topics to give you a foundational understanding of how these cases are prosecuted, and your role as the financial services expert. This updated sixth edition includes new coverage of technology's role in the financial expert's practice, and the focus on investigations provides practical insight from leading experts in the field. From the process itself to proving damages, this indispensable reference covers all aspects of litigation services.

Providing litigation support requires more than just your financial expertise; you also need a working knowledge of relevant case law, and a deep understanding of both the litigation process and the finer points of courtroom appearances. This book provides the insight and perspective you need to provide superior service to attorneys and their clients.

  • Understand your role in trial preparation and testimony presentation
  • Provide authoritative responses to direct and cross examination
  • Examine and analyze Sarbanes-Oxley rulings
  • Lend financial expertise to fraud investigations

The growing demand for financial expert litigation services has created a niche market for CPAs, creating a lucrative opportunity for qualified accountants who also possess the specialized knowledge the role requires. The Litigation Services Handbook is THE essential guide for anyone involved in financial litigation.

Electronic Financial Services

RRP $304.99

Electronic Financial Services provides an extensive overview of technology management and information communications technologies (ICT) in the financial services. Chapters cover E-banking, E-insurance, E-stock trading and E-fundraising and use examples of state-of-the-art information systems that are supporting the Internet operations of many financial service institutions.

  • jargon is not avoided, but is explained thoroughly
  • includes studies of e-finance systems in use by the major financial services in the world
  • small case studies are included, plus questions for discussion are given at chapter ends

Computer Simulation In Financial Risk Management

RRP $256.99

Computer programs that simulate complex processes in the real world can provide a quantitative tool for determining how much debt can be added safely to a company's capital structure. The increasing number of bankruptcies and defaults in today's international business arena result from debt overload and point to major shortcomings in the conventional financial evaluation process. In this book, Roy L. Nersesian describes why current methods of risk management fail and how computer simulation can be employed to determine the safe level of debt more accurately. Because the decision to add debt to an organization requires favorable, and essentially independent, decisions from both the borrower and lender, it is necessary to quantify both perspectives. Through actual examples readers will learn how to do this and to translate an actual business situation into a simulation model or program. Current evaluation systems, according to Nersesian, fail to incorporate the cyclical nature of business activity. They result all too often in an overly optimistic projection of cash flow. Simulation techniques are better able to incorporate the transience of good times and put quantitative analysis of risk on par with quantitative analysis of reward. Simulation techniques also reduce the role of speculative, and highly subjective, judgment. For example, decisionmakers who are not familiar personally with a particular business area, assign more risk to that area than those who are. A quantified risk management system enables executives to rank projects by the degree of risk much as they currently rank them by degree of profitability. The book presents the concept of simulation in terms that can be understood by generalists in corporations and financial institutions. At the same time, it provides computer programmers with an understanding of risk management principles. It will provide a valuable resource for: financial executives, planners and strategists in corporate and governmental organizations; bank lending officers; and computer programmers working with these organizations.

The Politics Of The Financial Services Revolution

RRP $35.00

The financial services revolution has become a part of modern economics. Intense competition and struggles for advantage in world markets are the signs of revolutionary change. Michael Moran's book breaks new ground by examining the politics of that revolution. Moran compares the struggles between private interests and public agencies in three great world financial centres - New York, London and Tokyo. He shows how revolutionary change has depended on state intervention, and how the outcomes of revolution have been shaped by different state structures. The book will be required reading for any observer of financial markets and for those concerned with the state's role as a manager of economic change.


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