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Belief, Law And Politics

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This edited collection gathers together the principal findings of the three-year RELIGARE project, which dealt with the question of religious and philosophical diversity in European law. Specifically, it covers four spheres of public policy and legislation where the pressure to accommodate religious diversity has been most strongly felt in Europe: employment, family life, use of public space and state support mechanisms. Embracing a forward-looking approach, the final RELIGARE report provides recommendations to governance units at the local, national and European levels regarding issues of religious pluralism and secularism. This volume adds context and critique to those recommendations and more generally opens an intellectual discussion on the topic of religion in the European Union. The book consists of two main parts: the first includes the principal findings of the RELIGARE research project, while the second is a compilation of 28 short contributions from influential scholars, legal practitioners, policy makers and activists who respond to the report and offer their views on the sensitive issue of religious diversity and the law in Europe.

Family Law And Practice

RRP $452.99

For courses in Family Law in a wide variety of legal studies degree and certificate programs.


Family Law and Practice, Fourth Edition, combines the theoretical and practical aspects of family law, preparing students to enter the workplace thoroughly knowledgeable about both family law and the procedural law requirements of family law practice. An Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint lecture slides, and a Test Bank accompany this text.


Teaching and Learning Experience:

  • Comprehensive coverage that links theory, history, and practice.
  • Interesting, modern cases that reinforce important connections between theory and application.
  • Critical thinking and application of concepts that reinforce knowledge, understanding, and skill development in the area of family law and practice.

Eu Social Security Law

RRP $517.99

The social security co-ordination forms a cornerstone of the European Union. The fact that the first regulations on the coordination of the various national systems were adopted on 1 January 1959; underlines the high importance of these issues. The EU regulations on social security have the objective of protecting those employers who make use of their right to free movement within the EU in the first place. The harmonisation of the field is complicated by differences between existing national social security systems. The EU Regulations on social security provide protection for all workers and their family members who cross the internal borders of the Union, whether for professional or personal reasons.

Loving Family, A

RRP $19.99

She longed to be reunited with her family. The compelling new novel from theSunday Times bestselling author of The Workhouse Girl.

Stella Barry is forced into service as a kitchen maid when her father dies at sea and the family find themselves in straitened circumstances. Leaving her mother and younger brother and sister in Limehouse, Stella goes to a big country house outside London. A year later, having not seen them in all that time, she walks to London with a cake for her mother for mothering Sunday. But she discovers they have disappeared. Thrown out of their lodgings no one knows where they have gone. Seven years later Stella is now undercook and it looks likely she'll soon become Cook. But when the son of the house makes improper advances and she knows he'll be believed over her, she must leave at once. With no references and only a few personal possessions to her name she heads off. She has never forgotten her family and is determined to seek the truth, once and for all.

International Environmental Law And World Order

RRP $369.99

This collection of basic documents provides comprehensive coverage of the most important treaties and international instruments relating to environmental protection, including judicial and arbitral decisions. It additionally includes documents of general importance in international law, such as the UN Charter and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. Materials on trade, human rights, and the law of war are excerpted where pertinent to the legal analysis of an environmental problem. For students and others engaged in research or practice in international environmental law, such as civil servants, diplomats, governmental officials, NGOs, practicing lawyers, and others, the volume serves as a convenient and thorough general reference.


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