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Heart-broke Hamster Workbook-volume Five

RRP $12.99

THE HEART BROKE HAMSTER-Volume Five Divorces, Separations, Loss, Break ups Losing someone we love is never easy and we all need someone to turn to. What happened? How are you feeling? Those tough moments that hit us when we least expect it. At times we see it coming and others, we had to make the tough decision to end things. Still some get blindsided and even harder is losing someone due to illness or accident. One day you are building a life together, the next you're alone...its heart wrenching. If there are children involved it's even tougher to deal with it all. Maybe you need a sounding board or a place to put all your thoughts. Life is a balancing act, so when was the last time you took some time for you? Life doesn't seem to stop no matter what we go through. We still work, shop, clean house, take care of the kids...but you need time to just focus on you. This could be from a concerned friend, co-worker or a family member that's checking in on you. Maybe you picked it up just needing a friend. There are no right or wrong answers, no words of wisdom or advice. This is all about what you feel right now looking ahead and from all angles. Consider it a friend to listen and help get some if it out. This book is all about YOU! What you think, want and feel in this tough spot. Why a hamster? It is that continual engine that spins the wheel in our brain. We make a hundred decisions a day from; what to do, what's for dinner, what's on my schedule...and that hamster keeps running on the wheel. In this bustling world, we're kept busy and on the go. That is until a tough moment strikes, then we stop and reflect. With the loss of my dad, I realized there were so many things I never asked him. We all put off until tomorrow, then when it comes, we ask, why did I wait? That didn't make sense. Look at the people in your world and ask: What was their favorite memory? Who impacted their life the most? What do they believe is their greatest achievement? What did they want to be when they were ten years old? We are all an accumulation of every moment from birth until now. It forms every aspect of who we are; just as we shape others. With technology we tend to keep in touch on a keyboard, but can you really share all you are? Pretty hard to text a life-defining moment, isn't it? Would you email a heartfelt experience? There are so many people reaching over the internet, but 'delete' has become the new 'easy button, ' teaching rejection is a click away. Even cell phones have an ignore button, so are we really bridging distances or being trained to stop opening up? Maybe if we slow down, we just might not miss out on the most important thing in life: People! Each of the seven workbooks, are designed to make the reader the 'Star' by asking questions about their lives. They are self-check and a tool to get to know others. Do them as a group to learn, compare and laugh together. Just could record who you are for your great, great-grandchildren! Just imagine them reading about where they came from. The only thing you need is a pencil and time to Sit 'N' Do Nothing.

The Let's Start Workbook

RRP $15.99

"Let's Start" Workbook will help you sort your emotion and plan your future. Stay alert and conscious about your decisions and every move with the knowledge you gain from this book. Backed by the author's experience, you will gain peace of mind by going through the steps of one of the hardest segments of your life. This is the accompanying workbook to "Let's Start With The Edn: How To Make Divorce Less Painful".

Investigative Accounting In Divorce, 2e

RRP $411.99

A new revised and updated edition of an indispensable classic<br> <br> This updated Second Edition of Investigative Accounting in Divorce provides a solid grounding in every aspect of investigative accounting services in divorce proceedings. It provides a broad overview of the process of evaluating the true financial worth and cash flow of parties in a divorce while also discussing the working relationship between the accountant and the attorney. In addition, it offers divorce accountants detailed coverage of all the most important methods and approaches to the distribution of property and the determination of financial support. It provides guidance on the investigation, uncovering, and documentation of unreported income and includes a wealth of sample worksheets, forms, and checklists appropriate in a variety of situations. Also included are tips on valuation of both client and adversarial assets and on writing valuation reports. All the information divorce accountants need in order to execute their duties is provided including guidance on trial and pretrial negotiations, dealing with clients, documents and documentation, economic and tax issues, balance sheets, expenses and fees, alimony and support, and post-divorce services. Investigative Accounting in Divorce, Second Edition is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource available for accountants involved in divorce actions.

Start Workbook

RRP $16.45

The START Leadership Workbook is a companion to the book START: Lead Well, Be Well, Do Well. It contains the processes, worksheets, and methods of START's universal leadership approach, adapted specifically for parents of Pre K to College age kids. The processes and methods work together to create an affirmative family culture that actively develops essential leadership skills in your kids--the skills they need to thrive in a highly competitive world.

Inside, you'll find the step by step tools and plans you need to optimize individual and family dynamics to create a culture of leadership and engagement where kids are inspired to develop the attributes and master the skills that are essential to success in a highly competitive, ever-changing world.

"If the highly stressed students I see had gone through this program, they wouldn't be in my office. They would have developed better tools, become more resilient, and have a better perspective on life."

Mother and Psychiatrist at University of Pennsylvania

"Using START Leadership has made me more effective at work and at home - I'm modeling, teaching, and reinforcing a leadership approach for my team and my kids. We're all becoming better leaders."

Father and Manager at Workday

"We have seen the impact START makes on developing essential leadership skills while building social and emotional capacity and connection. By shifting to a leadership mindset and committing to the START approach, you and your kids will reap the benefits now, and in the future."

Bill Brady, Leadership Director, The Haverford School (PA)


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