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Understanding The Nature Of Law

RRP $272.99

Understanding the Nature of Law explores methodological questions about how best to explain law. Among these questions, one is central: is there something about law which determines how it should be theorized? Michael Giudice presents the problem: several methods suggest themselves as suitable to understanding law; however, each method claims unique importance with no need of others. A solution is offered in two key claims. First, many conceptual theories of law are best understood not as the result of conceptual analysis, but as constructive conceptual explanations, emphasizing a crucial role for revision and expansion of ordinary concepts, in ways responsive to new problems and new phenomena. Second, conceptual theories of law can and ought to identify necessary as well as contingent features in the construction of conceptual explanations of law. This novel book explains the importance of conceptual explanation by situating its methods and goals in relation to, rather than in competition with, social scientific and moral theories of law. The book will be of primary interest to both students and academics in legal, political, and moral philosophy. It will also be of interest to students and academics working in the social sciences who are interested in questions about the distinctive character of law

Asian Law In Disasters

RRP $454.99

This book is a critical analysis of several of the most disaster-prone regions in Asia. Its unique focus is on the legal issues in the phase of disaster recovery, the most lengthy and difficult stage of disaster response that follows the conclusion of initial emergency stage of humanitarian aid. In the stage of disaster recovery, the law decides the fate of reconstruction for the individual houses and livelihoods of the disaster-affected people and sets the limit of governmental support for them during the lengthy period of suspension of normal living until full recovery is obtained. Researchers who were participant-observers in the difficult recovery phase after the mega-disasters in Asia analyse the reality of the functions of law which often hinder, rather than foster, efforts to restore disaster victims' lives. The book collects research conducted with an emphasis on empirical approaches to legal sociology, including direct interviews with people affected by the disaster. It offers a holistic approach beyond the traditional sectionalism of legal studies by starting with a historical review and incorporating both spheres of public law and private law, in order to obtain a new perspective that can concurrently achieve disaster risk reductions and human-centered recoveries.

With particular emphasis on the unexplored area of law in the post-disaster recovery phase, this book will attract the attention of students and scholars of disaster studies, legal studies, Asian studies, as well as those who work in the practice of disaster management.

Macey On Corporation Laws

RRP $2.00

Macey on Corporation Laws brings together three major resources for analyzing and comprehending modern corporation law: The American Bar Association's Model Business Corporation Act, The American Law Institute's Principles of Corporate Governance, and Delaware's highly sophisticated and respected General Corporation Law. Clear, expertly analyzed, authoritative, and uniquely insightful, this resource covers every vital area of corporate law, including:

  • The process of incorporation
  • Corporate powers and corporate purposes
  • Rules relating to the structure of the Board of Directors
  • Shares and distributions
  • Voting trusts and voting agreements among shareholders
  • Mergers
  • Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Changes to Model Business Corporation Act
  • Amendments to Delaware General Corporation Law
  • And much more

Logically organized around the pertinent topics found in a standard state corporation statute, Macey on Corporation Laws is the ideal reference to consult when researching statutory construction, applicability, interpretation, and scope. Plus Macey on Corporation Law accompanying CD-ROM information package is the ideal research companion to your print volumes.

Construction Estimating

RRP $274.99

This pocket-sized book is a concise guide to the basics of estimating construction costs for residential and light commercial building projects. It provides a step-by-step guide to estimating the total cost of a construction project. It takes readers through five phases that lead to a successful estimate: initial assessment, work analysis, programming, costing and cost distribution and summarization. The book's primary targets are small contractors; however, the principles set forth in the book are applicable to all contractors. This book could also serve as a textbook for estimating classes in construction management programs at universities and community colleges. The last section of the book provides useful but not readily available information for estimators on diverse topics, e.g., detailed information about Value Engineering, scheduling, subcontractor selection, bid summarization, and so on. An extensive glossary of construction terms is also included. Readers in all construction capacities will find: a new, fresh look at the often baffling and deceptive job of estimating construction costs for residential and light commercial construction; How to assess plans, review bonds, and evaluate the site and the project schedule before beginning a cost take-off; how to integrate a cost estimate into a general accounting program for cost management and eventual billing; and, incredibly helpful appendix with common construction standards and measurements - from standards for concrete forms, to nail sizes to commercial lumber sizes, and much more!

Foreign Law In Civil Litigation

RRP $312.95

This work provides an analysis of how foreign law should be pleaded and dealt with in the litigation process of another country. What weight should the trial court give to the relevant foreign law, and how should it decide what the foreign law actually is? The way foreign law is procedurally treated in court indicates to a certain extent the degree of tolerance of a legal system towards foreign ideas. The book compares how these issues are handled in different national systems, with particular focus upon civil litigation rules in the US, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.


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