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A Scamp, A Scalawag, And A Patsy

RRP $13.99

Stories included in this book: o Daniel Buys a Horse: A Scamp - A true story of a man buying his first horse o Parameciums: A Scalawag - A comedy about an inept con artist o Sequestrum: A Patsy - The tragic aftermath of a horse riding accident

Technology And Copyright Law

RRP $250.99

Learn how to educate defensively and avoid accidents! In this updated version of "Technology and Copyright Law", the authors expand on new developments in the world of copyright, including those in the areas of legislation and case law. Special chapters provide information on the law's enablement for those who work with the blind and physically handicapped, and the use of copyrighted materials in distance education. Divided into four parts, this valuable resource covers topics that include: existing law - what was it's intention, how it developed, where it's going; guidance for making copyright decisions in day-to-day situations; electronic classroom and international copyright agreements; glossary of important terms and phrases and mandated words; lists of exclusive rights of copyright holders, as well as limitations on those rights; and, the TEACH Act and its implications for libraries and classrooms.

Operation Soldier Next Door/more Than A Lawman

RRP $14.99

Operation Soldier Next Door — Justine Davis

Wounded warrior Tate McLaughlin returns home to face an explosion and Cutter, an incredibly smart dog. Now, the sexy veteran needs pretty girl next door Lacy to leave him alone — he's been through enough heartache. To Lacy Steele, it's apparent that the attacks on her neighbour were no accident. Someone is after him, but his damaged memory offers no clue who! But as they investigate, Lacy finds with Tate an intimacy neither of them have ever known. And it's that bond — and secrets from his deployment — that threaten his life and heart. Logo; Cutter's Code

More Than a Lawman — Anna J. Stewart

Haunted by the death of her friend, journalist Eden St. Claire has dedicated her life to catching serial killers and has done so alone. But when the lethal murderer Eden is tracking puts her in danger, she accepts protection from long-time friend Detective Cole Delaney.
Cole has secretly loved Eden for years. She might not want to let anybody in, but he can't bear to lose her. With passions flaring as the threats both intensify, can Cole convince Eden to break her rule to never fall in love...before the killer snuffs out their happy ending?

Locking Out And Tagging Out Accidents

RRP $1.00

Locking Out & Tagging Out Accidents is a complete audio/visual package designed to meet OSHA training requirements for OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.147. Included in this training package is an implementation plan, management systems, procedures, checklists, training information, a summary of the OSHA lockout/tagout standard, and a copy of the Federal Register lockout/tagout notice. A sample employee training booklet is also provided.
The audio/visual training program includes descriptions of hazardous energy sources, lockout/tagout devices, and energy isolating devices. It also features a review of the OSHA standard requirements and identifies the steps for locking out and tagging out. Topics covered include the following:

Land Law

RRP $375.99

Land Law: A Problem-Based Approach creates a fresh approach to learning land law through the use of real-life scenarios which bring what is often perceived to be a dry and difficult subject to life.  This helps both to engage the student and make the subject more accessible as well as placing land law in it's real world context.  With Land Law: A Problem-Based Approach, context is placed at the heart of learning and guides students through application rather than via an abstract set of rules and can therefore gain a deeper understanding of how land law works, not just what it is.

Unlike other textbooks, Land Law: A Problem-Based Approach integrates a thorough exposition of the law with practice, facilitating a more active learning approach and helping students to engage directly with the key cases and statutes to develop key skills of analysis, problem-solving and application.  Written in a clear and concise style but without sacrificing detail or analysis, the book guides the reader towards a deeper understanding of the land law curriculum.
Key features include:
 An introductory chapter outlining the problem-based learning approach and how to use the book.
 Content overviews at the start of each chapter which provide a useful outline of the chapter's content and the key principles
 PBL scenarios at the start of each chapter which provide the real-life context to each topic and help to familiarise readers with the legal language and style they will encounter.  Together with the relevant supporting documents, these scenarios are referenced and integrated throughout the chapter
 'let's put this into context' boxes which require students to apply the law that they have learnt back to the problem scenario and offer opportunites to reflect and consolidate on the content covered
 Essential Cases and Esential Statutes boxes reinforce the essential role of cases and legislation in the development and application of land law and help students identify key cases and legislation for revision purposes
 Understanding Terminology boxes and an online glossary help students to get to grips with the technical terms and vocabulary unique to land law
 Tables and diagrams explain difficult concepts and rules, ideal for visual learners
 Tips and notes highlight key issues and make links between different aspects of the law without interrupting the flow of the text.
 Specimen exam-style questions are ideal for revision and help to provide opportunities to apply learning and practice exam technique


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