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A Scamp, A Scalawag, And A Patsy

RRP $13.99

Stories included in this book: o Daniel Buys a Horse: A Scamp - A true story of a man buying his first horse o Parameciums: A Scalawag - A comedy about an inept con artist o Sequestrum: A Patsy - The tragic aftermath of a horse riding accident

Technology And Copyright Law

RRP $250.99

Learn how to educate defensively and avoid accidents! In this updated version of "Technology and Copyright Law", the authors expand on new developments in the world of copyright, including those in the areas of legislation and case law. Special chapters provide information on the law's enablement for those who work with the blind and physically handicapped, and the use of copyrighted materials in distance education. Divided into four parts, this valuable resource covers topics that include: existing law - what was it's intention, how it developed, where it's going; guidance for making copyright decisions in day-to-day situations; electronic classroom and international copyright agreements; glossary of important terms and phrases and mandated words; lists of exclusive rights of copyright holders, as well as limitations on those rights; and, the TEACH Act and its implications for libraries and classrooms.

Operation Soldier Next Door/more Than A Lawman

RRP $14.99

Operation Soldier Next Door — Justine Davis

Wounded warrior Tate McLaughlin returns home to face an explosion and Cutter, an incredibly smart dog. Now, the sexy veteran needs pretty girl next door Lacy to leave him alone — he's been through enough heartache. To Lacy Steele, it's apparent that the attacks on her neighbour were no accident. Someone is after him, but his damaged memory offers no clue who! But as they investigate, Lacy finds with Tate an intimacy neither of them have ever known. And it's that bond — and secrets from his deployment — that threaten his life and heart. Logo; Cutter's Code

More Than a Lawman — Anna J. Stewart

Haunted by the death of her friend, journalist Eden St. Claire has dedicated her life to catching serial killers and has done so alone. But when the lethal murderer Eden is tracking puts her in danger, she accepts protection from long-time friend Detective Cole Delaney.
Cole has secretly loved Eden for years. She might not want to let anybody in, but he can't bear to lose her. With passions flaring as the threats both intensify, can Cole convince Eden to break her rule to never fall in love...before the killer snuffs out their happy ending?

Nanny Piggins And The Accidental Blast-off

RRP $15.99

Derrick, Samantha and Michael should be in school. Instead they find themselves in NASA's space shuttle, which Nanny Piggins manages to accidentally launch, blasting them all into outer space. This time she has gone too far!

In this thrilling fourth instalment of her adventures, Nanny Piggins wrestles with a crocodile, bungy jumps off the roof using the elastic from Mr Green's underpants, staples chicken wire over their chimney to keep out Santa, captures an apricot danish-loving jewel thief and rescues her brother, Boris, from an onslaught of professional wrestlers.

About The Author

R.A. Spratt is an award-winning comedy writer with thirteen years' experience in the television industry. She lives in Sydney with her husband and two daughters. Unlike Nanny Piggins, she has never willingly been blasted out of a cannon.

Deregulation And Labour Law

RRP $354.99

Since the onset of globalization, protective labour legislation has been deeply eroded throughout the industrialized world. In its place we have a plethora of new employment phenomena such as flexible work time, temporary work services, decentralization of collective bargaining, private fee-charging employment placement services - a wide variety of arrangements in which employers and individual workers reach mutual agreement with little or no reliance on legal norms of government regulation. What are the dimensions and implications of this trend? And how should we go about ensuring the continuing effectiveness of labour law as an instrument of social ordering? These important questions drew a group of prominent labour law scholars from eight major developed countries to the Fifth Japan Institute of Labour (JIL) Comparative Labour Law Seminar in Tokyo in November 1998. Each participant presented papers and engaged in group discussion on the following topics: changes in labour market regulations, such as abolition of state-monopolized employment placement services and deregulation of fixed-term contracts; trends in individual labour relations, such as working hour flexibilization and expansion of derogation toward individual consent; and developments in collective labour relations, such as the movements from centralized bargaining to company- or plant-level bargaining and from trade unions to works councils. This book is the record of this seminar. Its analysis and conclusions should be useful to any practitioner, policymaker or academic interested in using available means to ensure the persistence of our commitment to high standards in labour relations. It is an integrated starting point from which to proceed toward a new labour law concept positively adapted to the socio-economic realities of the modern world.


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